How to Find the Right Personal Trainer For You

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Finding that perfect fit.

Here at GI we believe that nothing is more important than that inner voice pushing you every step of the way to work harder. More than anything else, your own personal drive and dedication is what will make the ultimate difference when sculpting the body you want.

But sometimes you need a second voice too. Someone coaching you, encouraging you and pushing you. Someone with a wealth of expertise and knowledge who knows the best ways to work your body in a productive, safe and healthy way. Sometimes you need a personal trainer.

But since personal training sessions can be costly, you want to make sure your money is being used well. So how do you know if you’re hiring the right trainer? Follow our guide of what to look for and what to keep in mind as you consider hiring a personal trainer to ensure that you find the best possible match.

Ask a Friend

Talk to your friends and family. Do any of them have a personal trainer they recommend? Do they go to a gym with a strong reputation for trainers? Nothing beats a recommendation from someone you know and trust, so ask around first.

Get a Sense of the Trainer’s Style

Do you work best in a fast-paced, intense environment? Do you want your trainer always challenging you and pushing you to the limit? Or would you prefer a trainer with a softer approach, someone who offers constructive criticism and positive reinforcement? Take a look around your gym and scope out the trainers who work there. Listen in on their sessions with other clients and get a feel for their style.

Try a Test Session First

Always hire a new trainer for one or two sessions first before committing to a regular long-term schedule. This trial period will give you a good sense of the trainer’s style and approach, and you’ll be better equipped to judge whether or not this will be a good fit.

Ask For Credentials

Make sure that your trainer has been certified to be a personal trainer by an accredited organization. They should also be certified in CPR and First Aid. If you have any medical conditions that may affect your training, make sure your trainer has experience in this specific area.

Ask Questions

Get a feel for the trainer’s depth of knowledge by asking questions. By asking specific questions, you will get a better sense of whether this trainer is giving you personalized advice or is simply reciting the same generic advice to every client.

A good personal trainer should be able to offer advice on nutrition and diet as well. (Some personal trainers may even be licensed nutritionists and will be able to design a personal diet for you to complement your training.)

Make Sure Your Trainer Listens and Cares

Take note during your early sessions of how closely your new trainer is paying attention to you. The best trainers will be watching you very closely, correcting poor technique and offering advice as you work out. When you return for your next session, make sure they remember the advice they gave you last time. You should feel as though you are building a relationship with your personal trainer, not starting fresh every session. If you start to get the feeling that your trainer is not completely and entirely focused on you and cares about your progress, it’s time to find a new trainer.

Keep an Open Mind

Having said all that, always keep an open mind. The reason you’re hiring a personal trainer in the first place is because you want progress you couldn’t get on your own. And achieving that progress may entail techniques, schedules and exercises you are unfamiliar with. You should of course speak up if you ever feel uncomfortable (or are in pain) but maintain a positive attitude, especially if you’ve never had a personal trainer before. You may be surprised by the style or approach that works for you.

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