Latest photos and videos show a MASSIVE Iain Valliere during the off season.

While the final batch of pro shows trickle out for the rest of this year – for many pro bodybuilders the off season has begun in earnest. While each bodybuilder handles their “down time” from competitions differently, many go through the typical bulking and cutting cycle. Which means the off season is the perfect time to start bulking up and working on building up mass before the inevitable cutting as competitions draw closer.

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The most exciting difference about the offseason in modern bodybuilding is just how many updates we are able to get directly from the athletes via social media. It wasn’t too long ago that the off season was a quiet time where we only had magazines to rely on for updates – and most of the time you wouldn’t see off season physiques displayed on a magazine cover story. We are lucky today to be able to gain more insight into what the pros actually look like and how they progress through the off season thanks to constant updates on our social feeds.

Even better is that content parter Fazi Fitness puts together his daily video updates combining the most interesting updates and developments. Including recent photos and videos of Iain Valliere showcasing a massive off season physique. Not only that – but he actually still looks pretty shredded as well. It’s a true sight to behold and offers some true promise for what is to come in 2020. Check it out in the video above!

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