IFBB Pro William Sullivan Arrested for Possession of $3 Million Dollars of Cocaine & Domestic Violence

IFBB Physique pro and spokesperson of P28 High Protein Bread has been arrested.

According to Syracuse.com, William Sullivan, IFBB Men’s Physique Pro and spokesperson of P28 High Protein Bread was arrested last Friday in Dewitt, NY by the Onondaga County Sheriff’s office. He has been revealed to be in possession of 55 pounds of cocaine and 135 pounds of marijuana.

Sullivan faces charges including first degree, third degree, and seventh degree criminal possession of controlled substances among others.

The drugs were discovered as a result of a domestic violence investigation into Sullivan who authorities report had assaulted his wife on Friday. Reports claim he tied her up with duct tape, wrapped her in a plastic bag, put her in a box, then placed her in his trunk and drove around Syracuse.

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  1. I find it comical how people can bash others but surely live in sin. The majority of you vote for people who have done far worse! Also feeding into media! Can’t believe Everything the media presents to you

  2. Bodybuilding is part of the HEALTH and fitness industry.. This suumbitch is clearly not in this industry..his busy with underworld shit..good they caught this deviant tarnishing the name of our industry

  3. P28 is an amazing product! Before everyone throws stones at the company…remember…you don’t know what every employee does when they go home. You don’t know every employees private life. Please don’t think that just because a former employee does something as awful as Billy has, that it reflects what the company represents because I know that the owners would never ever allow someone like him represent them if they knew what he was up to.

    • Totally agree, I know the company and they are all stand up guys and do not condone this type of behavior or lifestyle. They have worked very hard to build this business – Billy had not been apart of this for a very long time and was never an owner. P28 Products are great! Will continue to use these products!

  4. I will not judge because I’ve been in this position before because of a former spouse and I know this guy. I did not know that he was into these activities but he will not be the first or last. We are quick to laugh, make jokes and judge but God forbid it ever happens to someone you love or know. It’s a shame that with all the things he had going for him, it wasn’t enough. Greed and the love of money will make a person do a lot of things that later bring pain to not only the criminal but to the innocent family members. I never hung with him but I know some people he was very close to and he was always kind and if he could help you, he would. I am so sorry he let himself get into this drug business. It’s destructive to the community and affects many lives in a negative way. But now that he’s been caught, he will answer the our criminal system and I pray that he is remorseful and uses his time in jail to reflect, repent and help others. None of us are without sin and I can show this kind of compassion because my family has been through this. God has given my husband a second chance and believe me we live a life of thanks and are grateful to be content with what we have earned honestly. I will pray for him and his family but he has to pay his debt to society because he is a part of the problem that is destroying our communities.

  5. Fernando ellos haran lo que sea por mantener su IFBB PRO , ve por eso mexico no destaca en fisicoculturismo a nivel internacional porque no tienen el varo jajaja 3 millones de dolares en coca se le paso la mano


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