IFBB Tampa Pro 2019 Results

Who turned out on top in the last big qualifying show of the year?

This weekend held the IFBB Tampa Pro 2019, which is the last big qualifying event before the Mr. Olympia in September. Of course, this means a lot of top tier talent looking to earn a last chance into the Olympia showed up – making for a truly competitive lineup and exciting show. The official results are in – check them out below!

Who won the top spots at the Tampa Pro in 2020? Check out the latest results here!

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Luke Sandoe
3. Iain Valliere
4. Lukas Osladil
5. Hassan Mostafa
6. Milan Sadek

Figure Results

1. Nicole Zenobia Graham
2. Martina Yabekova
3. Lahannah Robinson
4. Julia Waring
5. Autumn Swanson
6. Anjenal Williams

Official score card below:

Men’s Physique Results

1. Carl Presendieu 
2. Anthony Woods
3. Stephen Cao
4. Cory Morris
5. Kimani Victor
6. Greg Brant

Official score card below:

Classic Physique Results

1. Abner Logan
2. Rickey Moten
3. Logan Franklin
4. Blake Cornett
5. Tony Harris
6. Dimitri Vorotyntsev

Official score card below:

Men’s 212 Results

1. John Jewett
2. Zane Watson
3. Guy Cisternino
4. Shane Stewart
5. Karol Małecki

Official score card below:

Fitness Results

1. Jenny Worth
2. Marta Aguiar
3. Katrina Wright
4. Michelle
5. Rene Brosch
6. Toni Wheeler

Women’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Helle Trevino
2. Pauline Nelson
3. Janeen Lankowski
4. Michaela Aycock
5. Silvia Matta
6. Marla Merrithew

Women’s Physique Results

1. Sheila Bleck
2. Anne Mohn
3. Jeannie Feldman
4. Desunka Dawson
5. Sheena Ohlig
6. Patricia Gosselin

Bikini Results

1. Maureen Blanquisco
2. Romina Basualdo
3. Casey Torres
4. Gina Scafoglio
5. Jasmine Fernandez
6. Amy Landry

Figure (Over 40) Results

1. Thais Cabrices Werner
2. Esmeralda
3. Valesca Macedo

Official score card below:

Men’s Physique (Over 40) Results

1. Derrick Stevenson
2. Critelli Scatolini
3. Travales Blount

Official score card below:

Classic Physique (Over 40) Results

1. Tony Harris
2. Eric Hernandez
3. Gregory Rando

Official score card below:

Bikini (Over 40) Results

1. Brigette Gold
2. Gina Sardina
3. Kimberly Shay

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