Generation Iron Ilya Ilyrin Clean and Jerk Record

No one else can touch this record. No one.

Lifting weights is the name of the game where bodybuilding is concerned. Resistance training is the only way a bodybuilder can put on quality muscle and improve upon their physique. Lifting is the best method to achieve hypertrophy which is what every bodybuilder is looking to achieve. The pump is the absolute most important aspect of building quality muscle. Other strength based athletes have other reasons for why they compete. They may not be as obsessed with trying to be the best looking person in the room, but they do have their own journey that they embark on. The journey of achieving greater strength.

There are a ton o bodybuilders out there that want to look like the Incredible Hulk, yet can’t lift nearly as much as their larger frames would suggest. An Olympic lifter on the other hand are far smaller than their bodybuilding counterparts on a whole. And yet they can put up numbers even more impressive than individuals that outweigh them by over fifty pounds. That impressive strength, coupled with the right diet, could be exactly the kind of approach that could make a bodybuilder all the more physically impressive.


Take Ilya Ilyin for example. The native of Kazakhstan is the top Olympic lifter in the world. He is a two time Olympic gold medalist and has been putting up numbers in his weight category that have never been recorded before. Just recently the proficient lifter broke another world record, the very record he set himself, in the clean and jerk at 246 kg/542 lbs. Not only did he set a new world record in the lift, but he also broke the record for the overall total as well at 437 kg/963 lbs! Check out the Kazakhs impressive record breaking feat.

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