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Increase your bench. Increase your gains.

Every one of you know the ultimate quest for increased gains. In today’s modern era of bodybuilding – we want to be bigger and then even bigger than that again. Of course conditioning, symmetry, and overall physique are insanely important. But we still want to be big and are looking for new ways to keep those gains growing. So why not increase your bench press right now? No this isn’t bullsh*t – this is backed by science.

A recent study put well-trained men into two groups: either an explosive movement group (aka fast benchers) or a self selected movement group (average speed benching). Over the course of three weeks containing the selected men worked out for two training sessions a week. Fast benchers were expected to perform at 85% 1RM and stop when the speed dropped by 20%. The average benchers performed at 85% 1RM until failure – with a two minute break between sets.


The results might actually surprise you. The report showed that the fast benchers increased their bench press strength by 10%. Maybe ten percent doesn’t seem like a whole lot but think about it – this is an extra level of added gains. That little edge that can help you continue to grow in the ways that you’ve been working so hard for. Maybe this is old news for some, but for others this can be the perfect additional tip to bring your workout to the next level. So what are you all waiting for? Train explosively, push out faster speed, and start earning those extra gains.


What do you guys think about the study? Is it some legit proof or just more science bull that doesn’t really make a difference? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our brand new GI Forum. Share your ideas, tips, and motivation – basically say whatever the hell you want. It’s all just a click away below:

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