Dexter Jackson talks retirement.

Dexter Jackson is a former Olympia champion who seems to just get better with age. Even at age 48, Dexter Jackson is still putting in a considerable amount of work and placing within the top five on a consistent basis.

But we all know that all good things must come to an end and Dexter Jackson can’t possibly compete forever. Nevertheless, as it stands now, Dexter Jackson isn’t willing to call it quits just yet. In fact, it seems that the former Olympia champion still has a fire burning within him, a drive to continue to compete against the best of the best.

That said, Dexter Jackson understands that he’s closer to retirement than ever before. Will 2018 be his final year of competing? If it’s up to Dexter Jackson it seems that the answer to that question is more than a bit complicated.

Take a look at the video above as Dexter Jackson details the conditions that would force him into retirement.

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