The Physique That Conquered the Arnold Classic: Inside William Bonac’s Workouts

William Bonac won the Arnold Classic 2020 this weekend, successfully reclaiming the title from reigning champion Brandon Curry, who did not compete this year.

After his strong finish at the Arnold Classic 2020, all eyes are on William Bonac and his astonishing physique. He showed some of the strongest conditioning of his career and blew the judges away with his conditioning and sheer mass. Let’s take a look at his diet, training, workouts, and conditioning leading up to the competition to get inside the mind of a champion.

Bonac shares his prize-winning physique with fans.

Bonac shared his physique the day of the competition with fans over Instagram. You can check that post out in full below.

Based off those shots of his back alone, it’s easy to see why judges were impressed with Bonac’s skill and execution. You can see that there is basically 0% body fat on this man; in the second picture, you can literally see every vein and muscle striation along his back in perfect detail.

“One day out of @arnoldsports2020. Not dried out yet…is drying out needed, looking at this, or shall I leave it like this?” Bonac consulted with fans day of for their opinions on his physique. The results were overwhelmingly positive, proving hardcore Bonac fans right – his physique was not only highly competitive, it was simply the best on the stage.

Some glimpses into Bonac’s lifestyle and training routine in the weeks leading up to the Arnold.

So, how did he build up such an amazing physique? While we don’t have all the details, we did scour his Instagram for more insight into his routine leading up to the Arnold. Two weeks out from the Arnold, Bonac shared this post of a typical workout night for him.

It looks like Bonac is bench pressing an impressive 150 lbs (70kg), which maybe isn’t what you were expecting given the sheer massiveness of his physique. However, Bonac definitely knows how to train smarter, not harder, and any pro bodybuilder will tell you that packing on the most weight is not necessarily to the path to the most gains. It’s definitely a safer bet to reduce the extremity of your workouts leading up to a big competition like the Arnold because, at a certain point, the risk of injury becomes too threatening to the possibility of being at your peak fitness at the actual show. Bonac clearly knows how to build a physique that’s symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing, and all-around cut without overworking any one area of his body.

Bonac also shared footage of his home gym in Ghana, which allowed fans an intimate look at what equipment he uses and how he likes to train.

Bonac shares a post of his back two months out from the Arnold.

Looking at this post is really incredible because you can truly see how far he came before the competition. This is what Bonac’s back looked like just two months before the Arnold Classic 2020.

That transformation alone is worthy of awards. Sure, he had a monster back to begin with, but nothing even close to the insane, rippling definition of his back on show night. Clearly, the call him The Conquerer for a reason.

Congratulations to Bonac on his incredible win at the Arnold Classic 2020!

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

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