Instagram Athlete of the Week – Joey Swoll

Instagram Athlete of the Week – Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll is one of the most popular Instagram fitness celebrities. Swoll has a great physique, thanks to his small waist, broad shoulders and small joints. Joey is also one of the goofiest people on the gram.

Joey Sergo aka Joey Joey Swoll maintains his ripped conditioning throughout the year. You need to follow Joey on Instagram if you often find yourself falling short of motivation to train. You’ll find yourself coming to Swoll’s feed to see what he is up to.

Joey Swoll – The Instagram Star

Joey regularly shares his story with his followers. Swoll’s timeline is a paradise for bodybuilding fans and avid readers alike. Joey shares food for thought through his posts which can change your perspective on many things.

Swoll’s big muscles aren’t just to show for, he can move big weights too. You’ll hardly ever see him perform exercises with a bad form which makes his videos good how-to guides.

We told you Joey can be a goof, didn’t we? How many other bodybuilders do you know who are comfortable making a fool of themselves? Swoll will keep you entertained with his workouts and funny videos. Joey is full of energy and isn’t a gym bro.

The Adventures of Joey Swoll

Swoll isn’t your typical gym rat, you’ll find him having fun outdoors. Joey breaks the stereotype that all bodybuilders are bulky and their bodies are non-functional. Swoll has great mobility and can perform back flips like they are nothing.

Swoll is a part of the big boy club and is friends with some very successful and famous people. Joey isn’t confined to a bodybuilding diet and goes out of the way every once in a while to have some fun.

Joey Swoll gained a lot of fans during his time with Shredz and got good traction for the Shredz movement. He started parting from the company after the Devin Physique controversy sparked up.

Strength Wars Movie

Do You Even Cheat, Bro?

Joey Swoll loves his cheat meals. Swoll believes it’s important that you put some bad fuel (junk food) into your body so your body has to fight it to digest it. Eating cheat meals helps improve your metabolism.

Joey Swoll has started his own supplement company, Ryse. His company has partnered with the UFC superstar, Conor McGregor. Swoll also owns the apparel brand called THTM (Train Harder Than Me).

Family Guy

This video and the story behind it will make you fall in love with Joey Swoll. Swoll keeps surprising his family with gifts and experiences. Joey is a guy who thinks about everyone around him, his family, friends, and fans.

Joey Swoll preaches the importance of family and spending time with them. The video above is a reminder we all should have some fun family time. The kids surely would be stoked to have their ‘Swoll’ uncle play with me.

A couple which works out together stays together. Doing things together strengthens a relationship and Swoll practices this. Maybe it’s time you ask your girl to lift with you.

Do you include cheat meals in your diet?

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