Instagram Athlete of the Week – Steve Cook

Instagram Athlete of the Week – Steve Cook

Steve Cook is one of the most famous and recognized internet fitness celebrities. He was amongst the first few people to start a YouTube fitness channel and garnered a huge following as his training videos and vlogs started getting noticed by the fitness community.

You have to be living under a rock if you have been following fitness athletes on Instagram and YouTube and still don’t know about Cook. Steve is one of the most humble and genuine individuals you will come across in the fitness industry.

Steve Cook – The Original YouTube Fitness Star

Picture Perfect Abs

Cook has some of the best washboard abs you’ll see on Instagram. He maintains his chiseled physique throughout the year and will impress you with his work ethic. Cook sticks to his fitness routine even as he travels and takes care of business.

Steve isn’t your typical Instagram fitness boy who spams his followers’ timelines with pictures of his body from different angles. Cook arguably produces more content than anybody in the fitness community.

Cook has worked with some of the biggest brands in the fitness industry like, ON and Gym Shark which go on to show his credibility. He’s coming up with his own line of apparel and other products in collaboration with these companies.

Pushing the Boundaries

Steve has started his own gym called the “Fitness Culture” which is a step away from the typical bodybuilding gyms. His gym is built around developing functional strength and has launched a mobile app where people can follow his workouts.

Cook has golden-era aesthetics with broad shoulder, a narrow waist, and tree trunk-like legs. His body is in perfect symmetry and his thick calves and forearms are proof he doesn’t treat any of his muscles as accessory muscles.

Cook is an outdoor person and you can see him hiking, relaxing on the beach, in beautiful landscapes or in the middle of busy but beautiful cities. You can never get bored of following Steve on Instagram.

Strength Wars Movie

Discipline is the Key to Success

Even with all the traveling and outdoor activities, he never compromises on his fit lifestyle and you’ll hardly ever see him indulging in cheat meals or skipping workouts. His Greek God-like chiseled physique is the result of his dedication and discipline.

If you’re into golden-era bodybuilding and love the way Arnold spent his post-gym time at the beach, Steve Cook is a must follow on Instagram. If Steve can’t get you motivated to start working out, chances are nobody can.

Steve’s Money is Where His Mouth Is

Cook competed in the Men’s Physique division at Mr. Olympia. Although he never won the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique title, Steve was one of the crowd’s most favorite athlete.

Steve started training in the basement gym at his home with his dad. He was a part of his school football team, and the love for sports and outdoor activities are in his blood. Cook first started out as a bodybuilding competitor and later turned into a Men’s Physique athlete.

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