Inverted Row (Middle Back) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Middle Back

Equipment needed: None


1. Position a bar in a squat rack at waist height. You could also use a smith machine for the inverted rows.

2. Take a wider than shoulder width grip on the bar and get into position by hanging underneath the bar.

3. Place your heels on the floors and keep your body in a straight line with your arms fully extended. This will be your starting position.

4. Your starting position should look like an inverted pushup stance.

5. Exhale and start pulling your upper body by flexing your elbows. Pulls your elbows to your sides and retract your shoulder blades as you perform the movement.

6. Pause and contract your lats when your upper body is 1-2 inches away from the bar.

7. Return to the starting position while breathing in with a slow and controlled motion.

8. Repeat for the recommended repetitions.

Variations/How To

Hammer Grip

You can target your back from a different angle by using a neutral grip (palms facing each other). For this, insert safety bars in the squat rack at waist height and grab them to get into position for the inverted rows.

Alternate Exercises for Inverted Row

Dumbbell Row

Alternating Kettlebell Row

Seated Cable Row

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