Iranian Hulk Says Family Disowned Him Following Face-Off With Martyn Ford

The Iranian Hulk had a difficult time discussing his family’s reaction to the face-off incident with Martyn Ford.

Both the Iranian Hulk and Martyn Ford are putting the finishing touches on their preparation ahead of their scheduled boxing match. The fighters are expected to meet in the ring on April 30 at the O2 Arena in London. The match was originally scheduled for Saturday but was pushed back. In February, the two met face-to-face and there were some fireworks.

Ford and Iranian Hulk attempted to get the better of each other during the face-off. First, Sajad Gharibi went low in an attempt to takedown Ford but the two were separated. Next, it was Ford who shoved Gharibi to the ground before security stepped in once again. According to the Iranian Hulk, this is an incident that is still impacting him.

Th Iranian Hulk recently spoke during a television interview about his family’s reaction to the incident with Ford. This apparently impacted the relationship that Iranian Hulk has with his family.

“I cannot call my family. When I returned I didn’t go to my family. I can’t talk to my father and my mother, when I spoke to her, she said: ‘The person in this video that I saw was not my son, my son is way stronger than this’. Gharibi said.

“It hurts my heart when I can’t talk to my family. I have lost my pride and I am destroyed. How can I explain?”

The Iranian Hulk has been training in many ways to prepare for this fight. This includes some unique tactics that have seen him take punches and wooden boards to the midsection. Gharibi is also significantly slimmed down since training began for this fight. Despite being the underdog heading in, Iranian Hulk is not backing down.

This was an isolated incident during the face-off but it continues to impact Gharibi. He explained how his mother denounced him and it has affected his sleep schedule and more.

“They deceived me and I fell to the ground. My family said that you will go there and finish him. They expected the other way around.

“How can I sleep or get any rest? I personally feel very bad and I cannot sleep but I am now taking sleeping pills.”

Iranian Hulk feels like he let his family down during this incident. With the calendar turning to April, there are just a few weeks left before both fighters can settle their differences in the ring. This will be the chance for Iranian Hulk to take a real shot at Ford without being separated.

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Greg Patuto
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