Irene Alley Captures Gold At WFF In Cyprus

Irene Alley won first place in the World Fitness Federation (WFF) World Championships’ masters category earlier this month in Cyrus.

“Winning the world championships was a dream come true for me,” she told BandENews. “My whole life I knew I would be a world champion in one of the sports I tried.”

The 50-year old bodybuilder said being announced as the winner felt completely surreal. Alley initially was introduced to bodybuilding at a young age by her brother.

“I saw how working out gave my brother confidence, energy and discipline. I wanted those traits when I was younger.”

She also said her brother used various household items to train. But Alley was determined to find a proper training environment, so she began training at a professional gym.

She began her pro bodybuilding career in 1995, and two years later she won her first South African national bodybuilding championship title.

Between 1995 and 2017, she racked up won 16 SA championship titles, including a most recent one in October of this year.

“Today I am married to the best bodybuilding coach around, Vic Alley. He has supported me and he has been with me the whole journey. Without his support, things would have been difficult.”

Alley said the hardest part of world championship preparation is dealing with the mental stress of intense dieting and training.

She often felt isolated in her own mind, though she continued to train clients at her local gym.

“The world doesn’t stop because you have a competition to train for,” she said. “Luckily all of my clients were supportive and understood that I was under stress.”

Alley said her peak moment was being up on stage beside her husband and with the South African flag over her shoulders.

“It was such an honour.”

Next, Alley has her eye on the WFF’s universe bodybuilding competition, which will be held in Singapore in 2018. But for now she feels satisfied.

“I have achieved my dream of being a world champion.”

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