Watch Iron Biby Do Massive 529 lb (240 kg) Military Press

If you’re looking for fitness motivation, look no further than this absolutely mind-blowing standing military press from Iron Biby.

Iron Biby shared a fitness update with fans over Instagram and jaws around the world were permanently damaged from hitting the floor. Check out the awesome video below of Iron Biby doing an impressive standing military press of 529 lb (240 kg).

Of course, since competitions around the world are currently suspended, Iron Biby performed the record-setting press at his own gym and recorded with help from his own team. If his reports of the numbers are correct, he blows the current record holder — Eddie Hall with 476 lb (216 kg) — out of the water.

Mind-bending feats of strength are common in the world of bodybuilding, powerlifter, and strongman competitions, but standing presses are really a thing of beauty. The relief we get from kneeling or bending the knees cannot be understated. To watch the absolute savagery of Iron Biby as he lifts that much weight while standing is a sight to behold, indeed — as Iron Biby put it himself in the caption: he definitely went beast mode.

While we can’t all accomplish what record-setting strength sports masters can do, these videos should inspire us to push ourselves harder at the gym and reach our own personal bests. Take a look at some of the latest fitness updates from Iron Biby below for even more inspiration.

“Because of this pandemic every professional sports in the World have been postponed. Mortality rate going up everyday. I really Care about what Happening now so I will wait & compete when things Come back to normal,” Iron Biby shared.

Iron Biby is one of many athletes who have respected the social distancing guidelines set forward by the WHO and competed from home. It’s a little bit heartbreaking for fans around the world who really want to see their favorite athletes compete, but it’s necessary for the good of humanity. The more we all respect it, the sooner our lives will be able to get back to normal. In the meantime, you should definitely be checking Iron Biby’s social media for updates on his progress. These videos are a great source of motivation for anyone looking to increase the amount they can lift. A standing military press is also an exciting option for those who want to go the extra mile and really challenge themselves; if you get comfortable doing a bench press with a certain amount of weight, try accomplishing the same thing with a standing military press and see if you can still do it.

One thing he proves in these videos is that you can obviously still make major gains from home if you’re willing to put the work in. Hard work, blood, sweat, and tears — that’s the only way to do it. It’s how Iron Biby does it, and you can, too.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

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