Shawn Ray outspoken and honest.

Every week, Iron Cinema will connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin. Giving you unprecedented inside access to the creative process behind his the Generation Iron Fitness Network. Get a first hand look at the entire journey of taking Vlad’s creative ideas to the big screen – from stories on set of films like Generation Iron and CT Fletcher all the way to exclusive behind-the-scene looks at our newest GI news and films. This week Vlad sits down with Shawn Ray, a bodybuilder known for his controversial opinions after retiring from bodybuilding early. Now that the industry is going through a shake up – Vlad gets some insight from a man who was trying to change the sport decades ago. This is part 2 of that interview.

It was obvious within the first few minutes of speaking with Shawn Ray that this interview would have to be split into multiple parts. He’s a veteran of the industry with some forward thinking thoughts… way before Arnold Schwarzenegger made headlines with his complaints of the industry. Way before Lee Thompson tried to blow the lid off of the IFBB. Shawn Ray wanted to make a change in a respectful way within the industry. He felt cheated and felt that certain things should have gone down differently in his time. What things exactly? Watch part 2 of my interview with Shawn Ray and see why he believes he have been placed above Dorian Yates.

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