Iron Maiden – Katya Elise Henry

Iron Maiden - Katya Elise Henry

Katya Elise Henry – The Fitness Megastar

Katya is no ordinary fitness chick, she’s a model, trainer, and entrepreneur with over 6 million followers on Instagram. Henry, through her social media, inspires her fans to follow the fit and healthy lifestyle.

Henry was a cheerleader as a teenager, but she wasn’t happy as she wasn’t building muscle mass due to the cardiovascular nature of the sport and a poor diet. For Katya, fitness began at home as her mother was a personal trainer who started guiding her towards her fitness goals.


Katya got hooked to the fitness lifestyle when she started seeing results in her physique after following a custom diet and training program. She started posting pictures of her transformation on social media for other people to see.

Many people found these photos inspirational and approached Katya for help. Seeing people’s responses, Katya decided to turn into a trainer. Henry further improved her skills as she gained more experience by training her clients.

Falling In Love – Head Over Heels

The more Katya learned about weight training, nutrition and supplementation from her mother, the more she fell in love with the sport. She was fascinated by the planning which went into designing an effective workout plan, and its ensuing results.

Over the years, Katya has built her dream physique with her hard work in and outside the gym. Henry acknowledges how blessed she is to be in a place where she is today that she has got the word “blessed” tattooed on her trademark butt.

Fitness Model Turned Entrepreneur


Katya has turned from an Instagram model into a fitness entrepreneur. She has two other Instagram profiles; one is dedicated to sharing her workouts with her fans, and the other is the brand page for her bikini line.

Henry is a sponsored athlete and has partnered with EHPlabs for her line of a plant-based protein called – you guessed it right – blessed. There are only a few other people who take being a vegan as seriously as Katya.

An Inspiration For Millions

Katya’s rise to fame on Instagram was almost sudden. When she saw her transformation pictures, she decided to post pictures of her newly achieved toned glutes and abs on the internet. Soon after that, people started noticing her.

Along with the rear showcasing bikinis, Katya can slay in any outfit she wears. On Instagram, you’ll find her in the most exotic of places, doing what she does the best – slaying and inspiring.

Katya’s Training Style

Due to her busy schedule, Henry follows a 4-training days a week program. As she calls herself “the glute master”, she focuses her training mainly on her rear. She fits in abdominal and upper body workouts where she can.

Katya has been making a name for herself in the fitness industry, and we can see her going places in the time to come. We wish her best for her future endeavors in and outside the fitness industry.

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