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Could this be the most aesthetic bodybuilder?

There’s no doubting that the open weight bodybuilding category at any given event is the main attraction. Every competition features men and women with great physiques each them in their own weight classes. Each category focuses on specific attributes that set them apart from the other classes. But more than anything the mammoth bodybuilders who compete in the open weight class garner more attention than any of the other athletes.

When most people think of open weight bodybuilders there’s no doubt that a mass monster comes to mind. Men with so much muscle that it boggles the mind. For someone looking to be the best open weight bodybuilder in the world they’ll come to understand that above all else building a massive and proportioned physique is the name of the game.


But despite the fact that open weight bodybuilders are undoubtedly the main attraction these days they’ve been scrutinized for having less than aesthetic physiques. Gone are the more classic figures that dominated the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, the “Golden Era” as its been often called. Bodybuilders put less emphasis on the v taper and the smaller waist in favor of packing on tons of muscle. As the times change so do the tastes of the people and where the 90’s through to the early 2000’s were filled with mass monsters like Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, and Jay Cutler, some people have grown tired of the bulky physiques that dominate the bodybuilding scene.

Though many people wish for a change, many others are still invested in the massive size that the bodybuilders of today bring to the table. It makes you wonder, is there a way a happy medium can be met? Well Hungarian bodybuilder Peter Molnar may just fit the bill. This YouTuber posted a video simply tited: “AN AMAZING BODYBUILDER” and then goes on to praise Peter Molnar’s incredible physique while maintaining a massive size. So what do you guys think? Could this be the most aesthetic mass monster out there competing today? Watch the video below and decide for yourselves:

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