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Does this Arnold body double hold up to the Austrian Oak?

Terminator Genysis opens in theaters tomorrow and will see the franchise that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name return to it’s classic form. Arnold is returning as an older T-800 and the former Mr. Olympia is back in great form. His training routine has been heavily documented and the action star and former governor has pushed himself to reach impressive shape.

For anyone whose been watching the advertisements for the upcoming film, they’ll notice that Arnold’s older Terminator faces off against the younger version of the same model. The film takes the audience back to the events of the first Terminator film and features many of the iconic scenes from the 1984 classic. Through the ingenuity of movie magic, Arnold does battle with the younger Terminator, which we’re sure is likely to be an impressive action sequence.


All that being said, we’ve been wondering about a few things that scene will have to offer. One, how crazy it’s going to be to see Arnold battle his younger self, and two, and this is perhaps even more intriguing, just who did they find to be the body double for the young Schwarzenegger? It’s common knowledge that Arnold was far removed from his competition days when the Terminator was being filmed. Despite that, the “Austrian Oak” was still in some pretty impressive condition in the 1984 film and finding the right person with a body type to match that of the bodybuilding legend was no doubt a tall task.

So just who did they find to match the iconic and muscled form of Arnold in his prime?

Brett Azar is the model and bodybuilder that was given the honor of representing the younger Schwarzenegger in the upcoming film. He does have an impressive physique that should more than do the job of portraying the younger Terminator intimidating form.

What we want to know is what you all think of Brett Azar’s physique compared to Arnold’s. Does the 28 year old bodybuilder’s form match that of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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