Isaac Ghavidel Has Passed Away At 35 Years Old

Isaac Ghavidel was battling cancer for three years at the time of his death.

Isaac Ghavidel has passed away at 35 years old after a battle with cancer that spanned over three years. In 2018, Ghavidel announced that he was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma cancer. He underwent surgery to remove tumors from his brain along with other operations and treatments.

Ghavidel’s cancer was due to peptide consumption. He was a champion of Iran and professional bodybuilder that displayed incredible size when on stage.


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The Iranian bodybuilder made a name for himself in the sport before relocating to Canada to continue his professional career. This came to a peak in 2018 when he was able to compete in the Toronto Pro Supershow.

This was the only IFBB show of Ghavidel’s career. He finished ninth in Men’s Open and had a chance to compete against some of the top names in bodybuilding. The show was won by Juan Morel and also featured Akim Williams, Rafael Brandao, Maxx Charles, and Cedric McMillan. Ghavidel finished top 10 and this was quite an accomplishment.

After his diagnosis, Isaac Ghavidel continued to work hard in and out of the gym. He quickly became an influential voice raising cancer awareness for young people.

This has been a difficult time in bodybuilding with the sport losing some of its top competitors. Unfortunately, Ghavidel contracted a terrible disease at a young age that there is not yet a cure for. Even after Ghavidel’s death, he will remain an influential figure in both bodybuilding in Iran and for cancer awareness.

Generation Iron sends condolences to the family and friends of Isaac Ghavidel during this difficult time.

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