Ivan Makarov Collapses After Deadlifting 470 Kg (1034 Lbs)

Ivan Makarov collapses pulling a massive deadlift in training.

There’s not a powerlifter out there that doesn’t dream of smashing records. While getting better with very list is the ultimate goal, there comes a time when a lifter must ask themselves if they want more. Breaking established records is always enticing once a powerlifter reaches a certain level.

For Ivan Makarov, pulling a massive deadlift has become his latest goal. One of the strongest humans on the planet, Ivan Makarov is on a journey to deadlifitng a massive 520 Kg (1146 Lbs).

With Hafthor Bjornsson recently pulling a massive 501 Kg (1104 Lbs), it appears that Makarov has been emboldened.

In his recent training video, Ivan Makarov deadlifts 470 kg (1034 Lbs) 1.5 times. He clears the first rep, but struggles on the second and collapses to the ground. Take a look at the video below of the powerlifter pulling the massive weight.


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470кг на 1.5 раза 😁.Подготовка к рекорду продолжается ,все идёт по плану . Огромная просьба ко всем ,друзья делитесь пожалуйста моим видео ,для меня это очень важно , будет поддержка ,я смогу очень многое . И ещё хотелось сказать ,на подготовку уходят большие финансовые средства ,у меня нет спонсоров ,ни какой финансовой поддержки ,поэтому я ищу партнёров для сотрудничества на взаимовыгодных условиях . 470kg for 1.5 times 😁. Preparation for the record continues, everything goes according to plan. A huge request to everyone, friends please share my video, for me it is very important, there will be support, I can do a lot. And I also wanted to say that a lot of financial resources are spent on preparation, I have no sponsors, no financial support, so I am looking for partners for cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. @eddiehallwsm @strongmanmotivation @larrywheels @powerliftingmotivation @therock @shawstrength

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Do you think Makarov can deadlift 520 kg?

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