Jake Paul Named 2021 Breakout Boxer Of The Year By Sports Illustrated

Jake Paul has taken over the world of boxing over the last year.

Jake Paul has been one of the biggest attractions in boxing since making the transition. Is he a “real boxer”? Can Paul compete with actual fighters? Will he ever win a championship? At this point, it does not matter. Jake Paul has become a big figure in the sport and has been named Sports’ Illustrated’s Breakout Boxer of the Year.

Paul burst onto the scene as a YouTube sensation and has built an incredible following on social media. He has continued these antics since making his transition to boxing and it has only helped his intrigue. In 2021, Paul picked up three victories, two via knockout, in three bouts.

“To think about how all the things that happened in the fashion that it all happened. It’s just sort of mind-blowing,” Jake Paul told SI.

The year began for Paul in April when he took on Ben Askren, a former UFC fighter who was critical of Paul’s ability as a boxer. This was a knockout victory for Paul. He then defeated Tyron Woodley twice before the year ended. In August, it was a victory by split decision for Paul before the two met again in December.

Tommy Fury was scheduled to be Paul’s next opponent before he was forced to back out due to an injury. Paul was looking for an opponent and Woodley decided to step in and Woodley did not hesitate. Despite having little time to prepare, Woodley would accept the rematch and was quickly knocked out.

Since December, there has been plenty of speculation on who will be Jake Paul’s next opponent. Anderson Silva opened as the favorite and this would take the competition level up a notch for Paul. This has been a point of emphasis from critics since he began boxing. At this point, it is unknown when Paul will step in the ring again or who it will be against.

At this point, there are not many boxers who have taken over the sport like Paul. The list of opponents is not impressive but that is the norm for athletes beginning their careers. Paul comes with a high price tag and this makes him a marketable figure. Not to mention his overall presence on social media. His promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, will run his fights and he has even signed other fighters. This includes Amanda Serrano.

Recently, Jake Paul has been feuding with Dana White, who called out Paul to take on one of his fighters if drug tested. Paul responded by saying he would quit boxing if White followed some stipulations including higher pay for fighters and long-term healthcare. Nothing has come from this just yet.

What we do know is that Jake Paul has taken over the world of boxing and there is no end in sight. Whether you like him or not, it cannot be denied that Paul has value and a huge audience. This is something Paul, along with his brother Logan Paul, understand and know how to work. For his overall presence in the sport, Paul has earned an honor from Sports Illustrated.

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