Jake Paul Officially Set To Fight Undefeated Boxer Tommy Fury In December

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury boxing

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury is official – set for December 18th.

Jake Paul has finally officially booked his next fight. The YouTube star-turned-boxer has announced that he will fight undefeated boxer Tommy Fury on December 18th in Tampa, Florida. The fight will be held at the Amalie Arena and broadcast by Showtime.

True to Jake Paul’s personality, he immediately started antagonizing Tommy Fury by throwing verbal barbs towards his upcoming opponent on social media:

It’s finally official????Timothy had no choice but to sign the contract so he could finally pay his bar tabs, afford a shirt for the club, and stop living off Molly! December 18th in Tampa Bay Im changing this wankers name to Tommy Fumbles and celebrating with Tom Brady. Pucker up Timmy… it’s time to kiss your last name and your family’s boxing legacy goodbye????Ez money lineup here aye? #PaulFury One Will Fall.

Paul announced the fight on Friday and already took a verbal swing at Fury.


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Jake Paul has been gaining notoriety for his extremely popular boxing events – but has also been criticized for having never fought an actual pro boxer. That seems to be finally put to rest with the announcement of this fight – the question is how will he perform?

Tommy Fury is the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. At 22 years old, Tommy Fury is undefeated with a 7-0 record including four knockouts to his name. Fury’s fight against Jake Paul will be his fourth match of the year. Interestingly enough, Fury had fought in one of the matches before Paul’s match against Tyron Woodley in August. Fury defeated Anthony Taylor during said match.

After defeating Taylor, Tommy Fury called out Jake Paul claiming, “Jake Paul should have an easy night. So he’s got no excuse for not taking the fight? Let’s get it on Paul. I’ve done my bit. You do your bit tonight and we’ll get it on.”

This ignited a public verbal rivalry between the two with many fans wondering if a fight would ever actually materialize. After much anticipation, it’s finally official. Jake Paul currently sits on a 4-0 record with three knockouts to his name. This will be Paul’s third fight of this year. He had previously defeated Woodley and Ben Askren in 2021.

In addition to the main title card fight, popular female boxer Amanda Serrano is rumored to also fight at the event, though not publicly confirmed at the time of this writing. Her opponent has not yet been set. Serrano is promoted by Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions. She has a 41-1-1 record with 30 knockouts to her name.

What once felt like publicity stunts by both Jake and Logan Paul is starting to look like a bonafide entrance into the boxing world. Both brothers have fought in many fights and don’t look to be slowing down. Will their reputation eventually begin to be more accepted in the traditional boxing world? At what point will an entertainer like Jake Paul be seen as a legitimate fighter based on his skill alone beyond his personality and influence? Only time will tell.

His fight against Tommy Fury will be another step towards legitimacy, being Paul’s first fight against a full on pro boxer. How her performs in December and the outcome of the match will be interesting for his future in the sport indeed. Stick around Generation Iron Network as more updates surface on the upcoming match.

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