Jamal Browner Makes 925lb Deadlift Look Easy In Recent Video

Jamal Browner came up just short of a 1000lb deadlift but made 925lb look like nothing in Instagram video.

Jamal Browner has a reputation of moving massive amounts of weight. He has been making deadlifts look easy for quite some time and that was shown once again in a recent series of Instagram videos.

On Wednesday, Browner posted a video absolutely crushing a 925lb deadlift. The weight seemed to fly up from the floor and the 26-year-old was even able to impress himself.

“Still amazed with how this 925lbs (420kg) deadlift moved,” Jamal Browner wrote on instagram. “What RPE would y’all rate this?

“I think it’s a 7.5 🤷🏽‍♂️”

RPE stands for Rate or Perceived Exertion. This is a scale used by powerlifters to determine how difficult a lift was. Browner rated this deadlift a 7.5 but he made it look a lot easier than that. You will have to be the judge.


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Browner made this lift look so easy that he decided to try and kick it up a notch. In a series of videos posted on Friday, Browner shows himself going through a test run of different weights. It begins with a 1000lb and 990lb deadlift, both came close but were ultimately failed. Browner then rebounds by smoking his attempt at 925lbs, 865lbs, and 815lbs.

“Very solid test week. Im not even mad about this miss. Just a learning experience. Strength wise I am there. Hook grip is locked in. Just have to dial in technique and time my lockout better.

We got 11 weeks to build and make this happen on the platform. If all things go as planned, this total is going to be crazy. 🙏🏽😌”


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Jamal Browner references a competition that he is preparing for that is 11 weeks away. With where he currently is in training, there is a chance Browner steps on stage and does something special when the lights are on. He has turned into one of the best 110kg powerlifters in the world and he is not shy about showing it off on social media.

This will not be the last time we hear from Browner moving forward. His Instagram page is full of updates on different lifts and different weights that he is attempting. There is no doubt that the results will continue to impress.

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