Watch Jamal Browner Deadlift Epic 859 lbs in 4×2 Training

Staying fit as a professional athlete is a 24/7 commitment.

Jamal Browner, the world record holder for the deadlift (971 lbs/44.5kg), is staying strong at his home gym and sharing updates on his fitness journey with fans over Instagram. Take a look at the most recent video he shared — HB paused squats, 4×5 with 570lbs, and a wide grip bench press, 4×5 with 405lbs — below.

A day later, Jamal Browner had shared a video of him doing an 859 lb 4×2, proving that he’s literally always grinding.

These training sessions would be insane from an amateur’s perspective, but they’re nothing to the 25-year-old champion powerlifter who has broken recorders previously held by people a decade older than himself. And Jamal Browner clearly has the training routine to match up to those expectations, since he’s continuing to push himself and stay in competitive shape from his home gym, even in the middle of a national pandemic.

These truly impressive lifts are a great reminder of what you can accomplish with your time if you’re willing to put in the effort and really push yourself. Athletes never take time off the clock, so even if you’re in a tight spot right now, know that there are ways you can push yourself and improve your fitness no matter what.

Jamal Browner is on an incredible winning streak these days; he broke two world records back in February at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Hybrid Showdown II, the total world record of 2,812.5 lbs (990 kg) and the deadlift world record of 971 lbs (440.5kg). He also shared videos of his training leading up to that moment with fans on Instagram.

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Meet recap best lifts: – Squat 3/3: 325/337.5/350kg (716/744/771.6 lbs) Bench 1/3: 195🔴/207.5/217.5kg🔴 (429/457.45/479 lbs) Deadlift 4/4: 395/425/432.5/440.5kg (870/925/953.4/971.5 lbs) *2nd & 3rd attempt shown* – Total: 990kg (2182.576 lbs) @108.6 kg BW *4th deadlift attempt doesn’t count toward total* – Greatest meet of my life thus far! I was able to break the ATWR 242 raw total record with my 3rd deadlift and the ATWR deadlift with my 4th deadlift attempt (previous post). – Thank you everyone who helped me today and throughout this prep. Too many names to tag but you know who you are!! @animalpak @nosweatsteph @deadlift_lord868 @strengthstudiott m. Thank you @jaffestrength for handling me today! 🙏🏽 thank you @hybridperformancemethod @alexuslar @steficohen @hayden.bowe for putting on a great meet! – I’m on a lifting high right now! I still have room to grow.. left some kilos on the bar which is a good thing! Back to work in a couple days to get ready for the @animalpak cage!

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“Squat 3/3: 325/337.5/350kg (716/744/771.6 lbs), Bench 1/3: 195🔴/207.5/217.5kg🔴 (429/457.45/479 lbs), Deadlift 4/4: 395/425/432.5/440.5kg (870/925/953.4/971.5 lbs),” he shared. “Greatest meet of my life thus far!” This is especially impressive considering Browner weighed in at only 239.4 lbs, making his total deadlift more than four times his own body weight. He literally has the strength of Ant-Man. This is fitness on a level many of us can only dream of, even on the professional stage. And world records like these are only achievable with a commitment to persistent, rigorous fitness, and the self-discipline to go through the very strictly regimented life of a professional strength sports competitor. It’s something that’s hard to do at any age, let alone 25. Jamal Browner definitely has great things ahead of him.

We wish this future champion nothing but the best on his fitness journey. He’s already covered impressive ground for someone so young, who is additionally still a college student, and that’s likely to continue if he’s willing to put the work in. Nothing in the world of strength sports comes easily, but to the truly dedicated among us, greatness is possible. Jamal Browner has all the makings of a future superstar in the league and there’s no telling where this combination of natural athleticism, hard work, and genetic gifts will take him.

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