James Hollingshead Breaks Down PED Use For 2024 Arnold Classic

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James Hollingshead has discussed his PED use at length heading into Columbus.

James Hollingshead is part of a deep lineup in Men’s Open scheduled to appear at the 2024 Arnold Classic. With the show just one week away, Hollingshead detailed his cycle that has aided training during his prep for Columbus.

Hollingshead has remained confident heading into the Arnold, claiming that he can defeat Samson Dauda. He has become known for his impressive size and conditioning and is waiting to take the next step in Men’s Open. Now, he will take the stage at the Arnold Classic with a lot of money on the line, which he believes makes the risk of PEDs worth it.

“The Olympia is 400k. The Arnold’s 300k. If you were to someone to be able to win those shows, look how much money you can make a year just winning those shows so there are obviously going to be some risk taken by everyone.”

Hollingshead was featured on the IFBB AMA YouTube page explaining his steroid use.

“Let’s talk about gear quickly because I know you guys are interested in that. You know I’m not going to hide from you that I have to take stuff and for as long as I can remember in this prep, I actually started my prep at a higher testosterone than I am now.”

James Hollingshead Talks PED Use

James Hollingshead went into detail on his steroid use, which he has done for his fans many times. At the end of the video, he went into each substance quickly.

“Parabolin, which is Ten Hex 50mg per day, so that 350mg per week. That’s probably a little bit high, you could go lower than that. I wouldn’t even recommend going that high. Testosterone is about 50mg a day, so roughly the same. Masterone is 100mg and Primo is 100mg per day so 700 and 700 and that’s my injectable gear.”

Hollingshead shared that he began his testosterone higher this prep, which was around 750 a week. He was also using Nandrolone and he claims that he would not suggest it to anyone because of different issues he faced.

“I actually had psychological issues with that. It was making me feel very depressed. I think I was using 400 and I felt, I won’t lie, I felt almost suicidal.”

Does Use Change As Contest Approaches?

James Hollingshead is just a week away from taking the stage in Columbus. In recent weeks, his use has changed to get his body ready for the stage.

“All that’s happened as prep has gone on is you’ve just introduced certain factors like Clenbuterol. Right now, I’m taking 60 MCG of Clenbuterol a day. Started at 20, built up to 60 over the period of weeks.

This is, just again, just to help with keeping metabolically in check and thyroid in a good place.”

Hollingshead remains one of the dark-horses entering the Arnold Classic in Men’s Open. It will be interesting to see how high he can finish, or if he can even compete for a championship.

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