Jamie LeRoyce McTizic Recounts How Steroids Intensified His PTSD

Jamie LeRoyce McTizic talks about his dangerous experience with steroids and PTSD.

Jamie LeRoyce Mctizic is an all-natural bodybuilder. But his journey to becoming all natural was quite the roller coaster. He earned his IFBB pro card staying completely drug free. Upon becoming pro, he turned to steroids to further improve his physique. This led him down an intense path that led to instability and violence due to his PTSD. He took a break from bodybuilding, steroids, and has no returned all-natural and ready to make a big impression. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Jamie LeRoyce McTizic details his experience with PTSD and how steroids intensified his diagnosis.

The last time we spoke with Jamie McTizic, we were producing a short digital film about his career and life as a bodybuilder. A lot has changed since then. He temporarily left competitive bodybuilding and did some soul searching after a rough few years. He’s now back, an all-natural bodybuilder, and looking to not only succeed in the sport but inspire young bodybuilders.

When we caught up with Jamie LeRoyce McTizic, we asked him about his all-natural status and also about his past few years of change in bodybuilding. Jamie has quite the whiplash in his bodybuilder career. He started out earning his pro card all-natural. He then turned to steroids as a pro to further improve. That’s when things started to take a turn for the worse.

Jamie LeRoyce McTizic is also a Navy veteran on top of being a bodybuilder. He suffers from PTSD and has been using medication to help keep it under control. But when steroids were added into his system, it intensified the PTSD, and led to his personality taking a massive shift.

Watch our GI Exclusive segment with Jamie LeRoyce McTizic above!

He describes becoming a dangerously spontaneous person. He would make sudden and brash decisions without any thought. His temper was completely out of control and led to him becoming often angry and at times violent. He even briefly mentions having had physical altercations one too many times.

Not only that, but this turmoil also led to him having suicidal thoughts. In the moment, he couldn’t see just how far he had fallen. He thought that being a beast in the gym was what mattered most. He thought simply that many of the other people around him were not on his level. It’s only after coming off steroids, taking a break from bodybuilding, and reflecting on his past that he can see how far he slipped.

Now Jamie LeRoyce McTizic is all-natural and competing in bodybuilding again. He wants to use his past experience to help inspire up and coming bodybuilders. Inspire them to realize there are other paths in pro bodybuilding beyond turning towards drugs.

Jamie understands that not everyone, or perhaps even not many, will have the same volitile mental reaction to steroids as he did. But he does think that regardless of your mental state – steroid use does take a toll in one way or another. His goal now is to push to great success as a natural bodybuilder. To show what is possible without drugs – so that perhaps other athletes can go down the same path.

He’s concerned that many bodybuilders believe that steroids is the only way to succeed in bodybuilding. Others have stated just that in our own interviews here on the network. Jamie LeRoyce McTizic doesn’t believe that to be the case. He wants to be proof of that.

You can watch Jamie LeRoyce McTizic detail his past steroid use, PTSD, and his return to natural bodybuilding in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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