Days Out from the Japan Pro, Can Regan Grimes Develop into an Olympia Threat?

Regan Grimes is a true talent.

While he may not have secured victory at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro, coming in third after Cedric McMillan and Juan Morel, Regan Grimes certainly looked to be a legitimate threat to the top of the division.

Considering that this was his first competition back since competing in the Classic Physique division, Regan Grimes appeared to fill out and embrace the move back up to the Open Weight division.

While some pundits and critics said that Regan Grimes didn’t look the part of a Open Weight division world beater, the videos and pics below seem to tell a different story.

With the Japan Pro less than two weeks away, can Regan Grimes not only win the show but prove that he’s a legit threat for the Olympia title? If he performs well it would go a long way in cementing himself as a top eight competitor. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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