Jay Cutler Believes He Could Eat Brian Shaw’s Diet, Discusses Strongman and Bodybuilding

Jay Cutler and Brian Shaw recently got together for an interview to discuss their crafts.

Jay Cutler and Brian Shaw are two wildly popular names that have been successful in different areas. Cutler is one of the best bodybuilders of all time while Shaw earned many victories in strongman. It goes without saying that if the two get together for an interview, it would be a must-watch event.

This happened recently as the two shared the microphone for a Q&A. The full video can be found on Shaw’s YouTube page. Shaw and Cutler discussed many topics from each of their crafts to diet plans.

As a strongman, Brian Shaw is used to taking in a large amount of calories to build strength. As a bodybuilder, Jay Cutler is used to eating frequently and said he would have no problem eating Shaw’s diet.

“One hundred percent. I heard what you eat. I thought it was a lot more than what I expected. I think we have a lot of similarities, like buying cows and eating how many eggs we eat, and whatnot. Listen, you definitely had a little more higher of a fat diet than I did, but I think our carbohydrates, your protein was a little more, but the body weight, if I weighed as much as you, being over 400, me, I was barely pushing over 300, I think that I would have the metabolism to eat that much,” Cutler said.

Cutler continues to say that he ate more than probably 90% of bodybuilders. While the amount of food was massive for each athlete, there were not many other similarities. Bodybuilding and strongman have clear distinctions so it is always interesting to think about if athletes could transition from one to the other.


This is something that Cutler also touched on. The four-time Olympia champion was asked who would do better during their primes — Cutler as a strongman or Shaw performing as a bodybuilder.

“Man, that’s a tough question. See, the thing that’s going to be hard, I think it goes both ways, I’m short right, and you’re really tall for bodybuilding. Lou Ferrigno was 6’5, and he had a hard time even competing at 300lb, to really compare. So I think it would be really tough for you to stand on stage. Of course, you carry a ton of size, but to lean down, I mean, you still need to be 350lb or more. With strongman, I mean I think I’d be limited with as short as I am,” Jay Cutler said.

Cutler admits that there are some serious differences and aspects that would have to change. Shaw would have to slim down while Cutler has a disadvantage being as short as he is. Shaw agreed with this take.

“That’d probably be the challenge. It’s interesting, the comparison, because it’s like you would have limiting factors and I would have limiting factors, if we were to switch,” Brian Shaw said.

Whenever two athletes like Jay Cutler and Brian Shaw get together, it is an interview that is a must-watch. Below, you can find the full interview featuring the two legendary competitors.

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Greg Patuto
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