Jay Cutler On How To Build Summer-Beach Body: “Meals Are The Most Beneficial”

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Jay Cutler highlights the first meal of the day and meals around training specifically.

The calendar turned to June and the summer is officially underway. It is not too late to build that summer physique and bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler shared his best ways to build that beach body.

Cutler highlighted the most important meals of the day as the way to keep your body in shape during the summer.

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“Now, it’s a lot of trick form to do this. You have to come on with a rigid diet. I always say, your most important meals of the day are your first meal, the meal before you train, and the meal after you train.”

As a bodybuilder, Cutler is used to spreading his meals out over the course of the day. That is not necessary for all people but he believes it is important to fuel your body before a workout.

Jay Cutler Instagram

Jay Cutler Talks Most Important Meals

Cutler believes that training fasted is not the best way to do it. There needs to be nourishment for energy before hitting the gym and this will make for the best possible results.

“I know a lot of you guys are training fasted but my suggested is to fuel your workouts. You want to get up, hit your body with probably the biggest meal of the day, that way you can really put food into your body and really get that energy set for the day.”


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Cutler urged those to follow a strict diet full of protein and low-fat sources.

“I think you really have to fall into a rigid diet in order to get the best results. It’s more slower-burning foods. When you’re eating potatoes or rice, some people prefer brown rice.

Low-fat sources, I would stick to more fish, egg whites, turkey breast, lean chicken. Obviously some of you guys like lean beef, protein powers. Things like that will be most beneficial.”

Jay Cutler Talks Cardio

There are man different types of cardio. Cutler explained how these methods are used ahead of competitions for bodybuilders to get in shape.

“Everyone’s dreaded exercise is some sort of cardio. Now, bodybuilders use cardio to get in the best shape, especially getting ready for a competition.

For me, I like to switch the cardio around. We can either do bike, we can do step mill, we can do treadmill, assault bike, you can do elliptical, some sort of swimming. There’s a lot of different variations that you can use for cardio.”

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