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Jay Cutler talks Kai, Cody, and Arnold Classic 2016.

Bodybuilding is a pretty interesting sport. There are athletes of all different levels and calibers that compete in events all around the world throughout the year to prove that they are the best. At one point Jay Cutler was one of the heavy hitters of the sport, a bodybuilding champions with wins at the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia competition. He has a wealth of knowledge on how to build muscle as well as the inside workings of the industry as a whole. As bodybuilding moves into the next generation it’s hard to ignore all the new tidbits involving the veteran athletes and up and comers who grace the sport.


For many people who decide to get there pro card competing at their first event could take a considerable amount of time. Some choose to wait it out and prefer to build on their physique before stepping out onto the pro stage. But there are others who choose to forgo waiting for the “right time” and just get the show on the road. One such bodybuilding athlete is Cody Montgomery. The twenty year old recently got his pro card and already is looking to turn heads at the upcoming Arnold Classic in 2016. The young man looks to go head to head with the many veterans of the sport, but could it be too soon?

Well Jay Cutler has his own opinions not only on what he thinks of Cody Montgomery competing at the next Arnold Classic, but also what he believes a certain bodybuilding veteran should be doing. That’s right, Jay Cutler has some choice words for the consensus number two bodybuilder in the world, Kai Greene. Take a look and listen at the video below for the details.

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