Jay Cutler On Flex Lewis’ Olympia Status: ‘I Think He Definitely Deserves A Special Invitation’

Jay Cutler believes Flex Lewis has earned the right to compete at the Olympia.

Jay Cutler knows a thing or two about the Olympia competition. When he speaks on the subject, people listen and he recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding Flex Lewis‘ status for the 2022 show. Cutler believes that Flewis has earned the right to be given a special invitation come December.

There is still plenty of time for Lewis to gain qualification or receive an invitation. The conversation has sparked already and many do not understand why Lewis is not in just yet. Lewis has a lifetime invitation to compete at the Olympia but only in the 212 division, which he has won seven times in his career. He has since switched to Men’s Open.

Flex Lewis received a special invite to compete at the 2020 Olympia. He was forced to miss this show because of an injury that was not revealed. Lewis wanted to return in 2021 but personal issues kept him off the stage. Now, he will have to work his way back in 2022.

Jay Cutler, who is a four-time Olympia champion, weighed in on this topic during a recent episode of Cutler Cast. This is a podcast where Cutler discusses the recent topics in bodybuilding with guests. In this episode, he discussed Lewis’ current situation and how important it would be if he was able to compete this year.

“They gave him the invite two years ago. He couldn’t do it, he had health issues or whatever. I understand; he’s a seven-time 212, and we always talk about like, I hate saying Mr. Olympia because it’s confusing for people right? People say he’s a seven-time Mr. Olympia, but it’s totally different. He won his class, it’s a different class, it’s not the open Mr. Olympia. I think he definitely deserves a special invitation.”

Jay Cutler compared the current situation surrounding Flex Lewis to Kai Greene, who received many invitations over the years but has turned them all down. Cutler explains how this should be Lewis’ last invitation before he must earn the right by winning a show.

“I feel that if he does not compete this year, they should not give him another one. They gave one to Kai Greene for years and he just wouldn’t take it. If anyone deserves it, it’s him.”

The question remains, how would Flex Lewis fare after years away from the stage? Especially in Men’s Open. While it is still just February, Lewis has a chance to earn qualification to the Olympia and answer the question. Until then, he can still receive an invitation at some point.

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