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Jay Cutler dropping some knowledge.

There are so many different elements to keep in mind when it comes to bodybuilding. There’s obviously the training which is essential to making gains. There’s nutrition which is undoubtedly the most important element of making great development. In order to see the most advancement you have to keep track of all your bad habits and improve upon things that you may already do well. The life of a bodybuilder is far from simple to say the least.

For the most part when it comes to bodybuilding many fitness experts would advise you not to emulate a professional bodybuilder if you hope to make progress. It’s a notion that’s been given credence because so many people would rather have immediate results rather than play the long game. But it’s an ideology that’s flawed. Bodybuilders are able to be who they are because of the hard work and dedication they’ve acquired. They’re pros for a reason, it’s not an accident. If you want to listen to anyone in regards to building a physique like a pro then maybe a pro is exactly who you should be taking some pointers from.


One such pro who knows what they’re talking about is four time Mr. Olympia king Jay Cutler. Known for his battles with Ronnie Coleman and the only man to regain the Olympia crown after losing out to the great Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder that has garnered much respect from fans and competitors alike for his easy going attitude and candid approach to giving advice and tips. Jay recently appeared on Jerry Ward’s Bios3 video on YouTube to give some candid advice to bodybuilding amateurs and aficionados. Check it out.

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