Jeff Nippard Talks ‘Steroid Epidemic’ & Risks That Come With It: “If We’re Going To Talk, We Need To Do It Honestly”

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Jeff Nippard dove into the topic of steroids and shared some facts about the substances.

Jeff Nippard is a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter with a massive physique and serious work ethic. With a large following on social media, he uses his platform to promote himself and inspire others to see the gains they want to most. While Nippard remains drug free, he recently studied the effects of steroids and shared honest thoughts on different substances.

“The problem with steroids is they work, like really work. That’s probably irresponsible for me to say but if we’re going to talk about the steroid epidemic, we need to do it honestly.”

Nippard shared a video on YouTube where he discussed steroids and their ultimate purposes. Despite the risks, he shared that steroids work more than any other substance and by a wide margin. He used creatine as a comparison over one year.

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“Steroids build muscle way faster than something like creatine. It’s not even close. If you started taking five grams of creatine every day for a year straight, you’d probably add about two pounds of muscle.

If you started taking steroids at a normal bodybuilding dose, you’d probably add about 20 pounds of extra muscle that year but it could be more depending on your genetics and how much you take.”

Of course, with steroids come big risks and Nippard dove into how these substances can impact brain growth and lifespan.

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How Do Steroids Impact Lifespan?

Steroids have become even more popular as gym goers look to add muscle to their frames. Jeff Nippard reveals that this doe not always mean you will feel better, mentally and physically, about your performance.

“Most people take steroids because they want to look bigger and feel better about the way they look. I get it. I want to look bigger but they might not make you feel any better about the way you look.

Just because you take gear doesn’t mean you’ll look like CBum.”


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Jeff Nippard shared that he is “lucky” to put on a pound of muscle in a year while bodybuilders who use steroids can accomplish this goal in just one week. The question has always been, how do steroids impact your longevity?

“It’s hard to say how much steroids will shorten your lifespan but they definitely do.”

Nippard referenced a paper written that followed over 1,000 steroid users for 11 year when answering this question. The subjects had an average age of 27. The test also followed 60,000 people who were not on steroids. During the follow-up, they found that 2.8% of steroid users died while 1% of non-users died.

During the video, Nippard was joined by Derek MPMD and Dr. Mike Israetel, who believes that steroids can stunt brain development if you take them before 25 years old.

“The brain develops in very, very high level ways well into your late 20s. In subtle ways through your entire lifespan. So, until about your mid-20s, I’d say there’s a high probability steroids will stunt your brain development to a significant extent.”

The trio advised that if you are going to use PEDs, to do it under the watch of a trained, medical professional. While the substances do help add an incredible amount of muscle, there are serious risks that come with it. Our very own and IFBB Pro, Victor Martinez detailed the impacts of drug use and when you should avoid PED use on the Generation Iron Podcast.

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