Jen Thompson Crushes 325-Pound Raw Bench Press, Shuts Down Rumors Of Fake Weights

Bench Press

Jen Thompson hit a lift that was over two times her bodyweight.

Jen Thompson is already a legend in powerlifting but continues to train hard and build her strength further. Recently, Thompson took to Instagram to share a 325-pound raw bench press and shutdown some rumors of her using fake weights.

Thompson has set many records in powerlifting and is considered to be one of the strongest women in the world. She is an 11-time I.P.F. World Powerlifting Champion and was inducted into the IPF Hall of Fame in 2019. During her career, she always favored bench press and just hit a lift that was over two times her bodyweight.

Jen Thompson Crushes Raw Bench Press

After some questioned whether the plates she was using were real, Jen Thompson completed the bench press rep then loaded the plates onto a scale to prove the weight was real. It read 325.05 pounds.

“I’m just going to beat all the “fake plates” comments from the get go!”


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This is not a PR for Thompson, who competed a 148.5kg (327.4lb) bench press during the 2022 USAPL Carolina Primetime. During this competition, she set three competition PRs.

Along with her performance on bench, Thompson also completed a 160kg (352.7lb) squat and totaled 511kg (1,126.5lb). As we enter the middle of February, Thompson has not completed this calendar year yet but it is clear she is preparing for something special.

Jen Thompson already holds many records but more could be on the horizon. She has not shared what her next competition will be but it will be must-watch action since there could become new marks set at any time.

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