Jeremy Buendia Physique Update: Will He Return Back To The Stage… In Classic Physique?

Jeremy Buendia hinted at a possible return during his latest physique update.

Jeremy Buendia knows a thing or two about competing at the Olympia. From 2014-2017, Buendia reigned as the Men’s Physique champion. He has taken some time off during retirement but is back to training hard in the gym. During a recent physique update, Buendia might have hinted as a return to bodybuilding but in the Classic Physique division.

Buendia finished fourth during the 2018 Olympia before announcing his retirement. He announced a return in 2020 but was unable to make it back to the stage. Now, while this is not an official announcement, he seems to be discussing the possibilities on social media.

“Feeling more motivated than ever to get to work and keep making more improvements. I know I’m still capable of being a lot better than this. Im going to anchor down on my diet and really focus on making this comeback happen. Appreciate all the support & encouragement today. Feels good to be back you guys. I’ve learned from my past, and I’m looking forward to doing it the right this time around. 🙏🏽💯


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This post, along with others, have gained the attention of athletes in the world of bodybuilding.

When asking if he will appear in Classic Physique in the comments, Jeremy Buendia kept the door open.

We’ll see in the future. I’ve always been a bodybuilder at heart & I love to pose. So let’s see if I can pack on the mass needed without going over my weight limit. I think my weight cut off is 180, & i competed in 2017 at 184, & I’m bigger now,” Buendia commented.

Jeremy Buendia is a decorated competitor in bodybuilding but might not be done yet. He explained how he was bigger than he used to be and could make the switch to Classic Physique.

If this happens, there will be plenty of eyes on his performance. What we know is that he has the experience and drive needed to make a successful return.

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