Jerry Brainum discusses the credibility of gurus… and also the credibility of medical doctors when it comes to steroids.

During our time interviewing bodybuilding gurus, doctors, and other experts – a debate has been forming about the credibility of gurus who recommend steroids and other PEDs to their clients. Some doctors believe that this is immoral and that the guru is responsible for putting a client’s health at risk. Many of the doctors we spoke to go as far as to discredit the knowledge of gurus. Bodybuilding gurus don’t have medical licenses. Therefore, they should not be giving any advice about steroids. Jerry Brainum takes a slightly different position. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Jerry Brainum explains how most medical doctors have very limited knowledge about steroids.

Jerry Brainum has been a researcher, science writer, and lecturer for over 30 years in the bodybuilding industry. He takes his job very seriously and relies on in-depth certified studies to obtain all of his knowledge.

It’s this same kind of dedication that makes us trust our medical doctors and health professionals. They spend majority of their life preparing, studying, and perfecting their medical knowledge to become a licensed doctor.

So it might come as a shock that Jerry Brainum believes when it comes to steroids and other anabolic substances – that doctors actually know very little. This is the reason Brainum believes bodybuilders turn to gurus over doctors. According to Brainum, the reality is that the gurus will often be more knowledgeable than most medical professionals.

“The reason why the bodybuilders turn to the gurus is because, I know this sounds funny, most medical doctors don’t know jack shit, that’s the only way I can say it, about steroids and other anabolic drugs,”¬†Jerry Brainum tells us in our interview.

He continues:

“They know nothing. The will not give advice out. They’re going to tell the bodybuilders it’s all dangerous. It’s going to give you prostate cancer. It’s going to give you heart disease. They’re not the people to ask so they turn to the gurus because they figure, well this guru, he’s worked with this guy, that guy, and that guy. They’ve won the contest. He must know what he’s doing.”

Jerry Brainum goes on to admit that there are limitations. If something that a bodybuilding guru recommends leads to the early warning signs of health problems, a guru will have no medical knowledge to catch or treat it.

Jerry Brainum makes it clear that he thinks that gurus are directly responsible for a bodybuilder’s health. Their recommendations can directly influence someone to use illegal and potentially dangerous drugs. Brainum understands this completely. But he also understands why this problem keeps growing in the bodybuilding community. It’s because doctors, according to Brainum, don’t know enough about anabolic substances.

You can watch Jerry Brainum’s full statement about doctors, gurus, and steroids in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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