Jesus Olivares Sets New Raw Squat World Record Of 478kg At 2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships

Jesus Olivares crushed the raw squat world record over the weekend.
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Jesus Olivares has been working his way toward world records and put on a show this weekend.

Jesus Olivares is familiar with the Sheffield Powerlifting Championships and entered the weekend with great confidence. He used this confidence and turned in another strong performance, including a new world record raw squat of 478kg (1,053.8lbs).

The previous record was held by ray Williams. He set the mark of 477.5kg during the 2017 NAPF Arnold Slingshot Pro American. Olivares came into the weekend looking to take down the seven-year-old world record and did just that on his third attempt.

During the 2023 Sheffield, where Olivares was crowned champion, he broke another record held by Williams. Olivares totaled 1,152.5kg (2,541lbs) across his three lifts. This record was also set by Williams back in 2024.

Olivares also impressed during the 2023 IPF Classic World Championships in Malta. This marked his third consecutive world championship. Olivares has established himself as one of the elite competitors in the world, both during competition and in training. He entered the weekend looking to make an impact once again.

Jesus Olivares world record deadlift
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Jesus Olivares Sets New Raw Squat World Record

Jesus Olivares stepped up to the squat rack and hit a 420kg (925.9lb) attempt followed by 455kg (1,003.1lb). On his third attempt, Olivares decided to make the 23kg jump and take a shot at the world record. He was able to move the weight and become the newest world record holder.

Olivares did not defend his title successfully and it was because of a couple mistakes. Most notably, a 275kg (606.3lb) bench press was ruled invalid after Olivares racked the weight before being told to do so by judges. Officially, he locked out just one attempt at 255kg (562.2lb).

Olivares has been showing off massive deadlifts during training. When he took the stage during the Sheffield, he hit a 380kg (837.8lb) attempt but the other two were unsuccessful. All together, Olivares totaled 1,113kg (2,453.7lb).

Jesus Olivares came into the weekend looking to win his second consecutive Sheffield. While that was not accomplished, his performance in squat shows that he still has an eye on world records and will continue to improve further.

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