generation ironLooks like the WWE star could’ve been an impressive bodybuilder.

When you hear the name John Cena you automatically think of a few things. Firstly, wrestling superstar who has taken over the game since the departures of WWE icons Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He has become this generation’s wrestling stalwart with his combination of athletic ability, stage presence, and massive physique. The next thing that usually comes to mind is action star. In the same vein as Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson before him, Cena has gone on to have a film career of his own utilizing the man’s assets to his benefit.

Those are quite some accomplishments on their own, a testament to the man’s multifaceted abilities. But one thing that has never come to mind is competitive bodybuilder. Sure, Cena has the size, muscle mass, and definition that’s sure to give the casual bodybuilding fan wild ideas of the man’s potential to compete in a competition, but nothing serious. Well it looks like John Cena had some other goals in mind before getting into professional wrestling, goals that included wearing pro tan and standing on a posing stage. That’s right, John Cena was once a competitive bodybuilder back in the day and there are pictures to prove it.

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From the looks of it, Cena had some pretty impressive symmetry and looked well on his way to putting on some massive size as well. It makes you wonder where the WWE star would’ve been today if he stuck with bodybuilding. We’ll never know, but the man did have some potential. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him on a posing stage again some day. Stranger things have happened (though unlikely). But really this should come as no surprise when you see the man’s workout routine.

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