John Fury Threatens Jake Paul, Wants Tommy Fury Bout Scheduled For March

John Fury did not mince words when discussing Jake Paul taking on his son.

Jake Paul is one of the biggest and most controversial names in boxing right now. Paul made the transition from YouTube sensation to boxing and has not lost a match just yet. As he continues to take steps up in competition, there is even more attention being brought to the sport. Paul knows how to push buttons on social media and he has done this once again after Tommy Fury backed out of their scheduled fight.

Fury was forced to remove himself from the bout after suffering an injury. Paul quickly took to Instagram to discuss how Fury was afraid of the challenge. Now, Paul will have a rematch with Tyron Woodley on Saturday.

Since then, John Fury has called out Paul. Fury, who is the father of Tommy and Tyson Fury, demanded that Paul take on Tommy or he will handle the situation himself.

“I’ll tell you what Jake Paul, if you any kind of man at all mate, let’s renegotiate this fight for March. Or I will come to America and I’ll give you and your brother a good hiding. I’ll slap the pair of you with the back of my hand,” John Fury said.

“He’s used the Fury name though, hasn’t he? But good luck to him, you know, luck was with him. The cards fell his way. It was unfortunate for us. We can deal with misfortune. I’ve had misfortune most of my life. Like I said to Tommy, I said pick your head up son, I’ve been unfortunate most of my life… We don’t value Jake Paul, or his brother, or any fighter in the world. This is what we do. It’s a business. In his heart he knows the truth. He’s sucked the life out the Fury name for three months. He’s had his money’s worth.”


It is clear that John Fury was unhappy with the way Jake Paul was using his family’s name. Paul has also made comments that Tyson could be partially to blame for Tommy Fury’s injury because of training methods. In reality, Fury has been dealing with a bacterial chest infection after suffering broken ribs.

Jake Paul has not been shy about getting in the ring with anyone. Right now, he is the hot ticket for any boxer looking to take him on for any reason — whether it is personal or financial. Now, this storyline between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul is continuing to grow. There are now some personal reasons that the two might want to meet and it is something we could see happen in 2022.

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Greg Patuto
Greg has covered the four major sports for six years and has been featured on sites such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, SB Nation,, and FanSided. Now, he is transitioning into the world of bodybuilding and strength sports.