John Haack Sets New Raw PR With Huge 350kg Squat

John Haack is continuing to put up eye-opening numbers during training sessions.

John Haack has been putting up some huge numbers in recent training sessions. He is preparing for the 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation Showdown, which will take place on Sept. 25-26 in Kansas City, and doing it in a big way.

Haack will be one of the biggest names competing in the 90kg division and by the looks of his Instagram page, he will be a huge force. On Saturday, Haack shared a video of a 350kg (771.6) raw squat — which was a new personal record.

“350kgs/771lbs feeling comfy
Couldn’t rock the headband and not hit a PB. Last heavy squat before showdown moving juuuuuiiiiicccccyyyyy”


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By the looks of this lift, it looks as though Haack might have had a little left in the tank. This is a good sign heading into competition. Haack mentioned that this was the final heavy squat before the event — and that he had to do something special with the headband he had one.

Other than that headband, Haack had just a lifting belt and wrist straps on as support. There was even a lack of knee sleeves. This 350kg squat would be the third-heaviest ever done in competition at the 90kg division. Haack did not share his bodyweight at the time of the list but less than two weeks out, he has to be close to competition weight.


John Haack currently holds the world record bench press of 262.5 kilograms (578.7lb) at the 90kg division. He also holds the second heaviest deadlift ever of 385 kilograms (848.9 pounds). This record is held by Calier Woolam at 400kg (881.9lb). To add some more achievements, Haack is also second to current world record total of 970 kilograms (2,138.9lb).

Haack failed on two attempts of a 400kg deadlift at the 2021 Kern US Open. If he had converted either of the two lifts, he would not only have tied the world record, but he would have become the first 90kg competitor to ever total 1,000kg (2,204.6lb).

It looks like Haack will have both numbers on his mind heading into competition. At the end of August, he achieved a new PR with a 405kg deadlift. There is no doubt that there are two world records on Haack’s mind just 10 days out of his next event.

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