John Haack Sets Two 100kg World Records During the Hybrid Showdown 4

John Haack continues to dominate powerlifting and set two world records in his last competition.

At the end of 2021, John Haack was sharing some massive lifts on social media preparing for the new year. Now, he has competed in his first competition of 2022 and put on a memorable performance. During the Hybrid Showdown 4, Haack competed in the 100kg category and set two new world records.

The first record came on the bench press. Haack completed all three attempts with his third being the heaviest. It began with a 523.6-pound lift followed by a 562.2-pounder. Haack’s third attempt was 589.7 pounds and this set a new record.

John Haack usually competes in the 90kg category but was unable to get below this weight before the competition. He entered the competition at 93kg bodyweight. This means he still had plenty of room to be able to compete in the 100kg category. Haack is not done competing at 90kg but this competition showed that he can still dominate at a heavier weight.

Haack’s next world record came at the end of the competition. He already holds the total world record in 90kg and added the 100kg record as well. Haack finished with a total of 990kg (2,182.6lb) when it was all said and done. He breezed past the previous record, which was 972.5kg (2,144lb) held by Yury Belkin.

“Got down to 205 lbs (93 kg) yesterday around 5pm and just didn’t have the desire to keep going. I’m not done as a 90 kg lifter.”

The competition began with squat and Haack began with ease. He completed a 683.4-pound lift before completing his meet max on his second attempt. This was 733 pounds and he attempted to up the weight even more. Haack failed his third attempt, which was 755.1 pounds.

Haack entered the final event looking for a total world record. He crushed an 859.8-pound deadlift and he made it with ease. He tried to beat this number with a 903.9-pound lift but was unable to complete it.

The feat that John Haack was able to pull off during The Hybrid Showdown 4 shows just how strong he is as a competitor. This was the beginning to the year that we were all expecting after seeing his latest triumphs on social media. Now, we can all look forward to what he has in store for the rest of 2022.

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