John Meadows believes that todays coaches are giving bodybuilders way too many drugs.

Earlier this week, we released an interview clip of George Farah urging bodybuilders to slow down on how many drugs they intake for building their physiques. John Meadows takes this warning a step further – he believes we will see a major uptick in bodybuilders with major health problems in the next few years. Why? Because coaches are giving their athletes more drugs than any previous generation. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, John Meadows explains why bodybuilders’ health, particularly their livers, will be at major risk if something doesn’t change soon.

John Meadows is a bodybuilder who understands just how important it is to be healthy as a professional athlete. He suffered from a rare colon disease and nearly died. For the rest of his life, he now needs to pay extra attention to how he maintains his body in order to prevent future issues.

While John Meadows’ condition is rare compared to your average bodybuilder, it also opened his eyes to just how much of a risk bodybuilders take when they flippantly take mass amounts of drugs to obtain the perfect physique. Meadows doesn’t believe that the current death rates in bodybuilding athletes can be directly linked to steroids and other PEDs. He doesn’t have that data on hand to speak on that. But what he does know is that today’s coaches are giving bigger doses of drugs than ever before. He thinks that may lead to a problem down the road.

John Meadows makes it clear that this is all about moderation. He’s not anti steroids or anti PEDs – but he thinks that the mass amounts that he sees bodybuilders take today will have a major affect on their health. It’s not an “if” but a “when” – and Meadows feels confident that in just a few short years we will see more stories of bodybuilders with major health problems. Particularly health problems related to the liver.

Meadows has already explained how a pro bodybuilder can be extra vigilant with their health in our previous GI Exclusive clip. But to learn more info about why Meadows thinks things will take a turn for the worst, check out our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!



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