John Meadows worked with Shaun Clarida on his Olympia training and gives us a peek into the tweaks going into 2021.

Shaun Clarida shocked audiences with an impressive physique that ultimately won him the Men’s 212 Olympia 2020. It was a long time coming and one that some didn’t think would ever happen. But his hard work and dedication paid off in full last year. Clarida’s trainer, John Meadows, was a vital instrument in his success. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, John Meadows gives us an inside look at Shaun Clarida’s Olympia training strategy.

While John Meadows no longer competes in professional bodybuilding, he continues to share his expertise as a trainer for pro bodybuilders. One such athlete is Shaun Clarida, who just won his first Men’s 212 Olympia title. It was a well deserved win too. Clardia showcased a physique that was borderline perfect. The best physique of his career.

But after so many years of falling short and being underestimated, how did he achieve such a mind blowing physique in 2020? And where does he go from here? We turned to his trainer, John Meadows, to get an inside look at the strategy for both 2020 and this year coming up.

John Meadows makes it clear that in Clarida’s case, slow and steady wins the race. Clarida had been making small changes to his training prep year after year. Trail and error worked towards finding the best strategy that worked most efficiently for his body.

Meadows can’t attribute the win to any sort of secret. It was simply persistence. Not only in the willingness to train hard – but also the willingness to think hard. What we mean by that is the ability to stay vigilant on the overall training plan. What can be improved? What isn’t working? What is the ultimate combination of exercises to inch up to that next level?

This is the strategy that John Meadows used on Clarida to bring him to perfection and a Mr. Olympia win. Of course, now that he’s found that perfect combination and physique – where does he go to ensure another victory in 2021?

John Meadows sticks to the same plan. There were still some tweaks that he believes Shaun Clarida can make to further tighten up even the smallest of flaws. Beyond those changes, the key element going into 2021 is intensity. According to Meadows, there is a bad habit of critics believing that intensity needs to be pulled back reaching the ideal physique. That a pro bodybuilder can go “too intense” thus causing a missed mark at the next competition.

John Meadows thinks this is all bullshit. He understands that beginner and intermediate bodybuilders might need to pull back on intensity until they become more experienced. But for pro bodybuilders like Shaun Clarida, he believes that finding little ways to push intensity even farther is the best tactic to guarantee a second Olympia victory.

Later in the interview segment, John Meadows also briefly discusses how he trains Terrence Ruffin and is excited to see how far he can push his physique going into future Classic Physique Olympias. He sees a true champion in his future.

You can watch John Meadows’ full comments about Shaun Clarida and Terrence Ruffin in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!