Joseph Baena Hits Bodybuilding Poses Made Famous By His Father, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilding Pose

Joseph Baena has teased the idea of competing in bodybuilding at some point.

Joseph Baena has been creating his own way, both in the gym and on the big screen. This is not easy to do for the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger but Baena has also embraced where he comes from. On many occasions, Baena has drawn striking comparisons to his father, especially when he hits some classic bodybuilding poses.

Baena, the 24-year-old son of Schwarzenegger, has completed transformed his physique into a lean build with great conditioning. He has teased the possibility of competing in bodybuilding at some point and this could happen if he adds the size necessary. Baena seems to be on his way with the work he has put in while training.

On Tuesday, Baena shared yet another picture on Instagram in the gym where he is hitting a pose that his father used to use on stage.

“Going for it”


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The picture was shared in black and white following a workout. Baena is seen hitting Schwarzenegger’s 3/4 back pose.

Joseph Baena And His Fitness Journey

Joseph Baena recently joined Bradley Martyn for a workout and explained how he got started in the gym. He began working out in college and quickly grew a passion for the gym. Now, he has made his way to the cover of Men’s Healthwhere he was featured for a story.

In the article, Baena explains that he trains six days a week for two hours a day. He adds 20 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning. Baena has also took some time to train at Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA.


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Joseph Baena has also tried his hand at acting and released some works. He recently released an acting project entitled LavaHe was able to show off an impressive physique on set and also had to maintain size for his role in Call of Duty: The Last Airshow.

It is clear that Baena has his father’s mentality when it comes to training and this means he will continue to improve his physique as time goes on. This could lead to his debut on the bodybuilding stage when the time is right.

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