Joseph Baena Shares What Started His “Addiction To The Gym” During Workout With Bradley Martyn

Addiction to gym

Joseph Baena recently discussed bodybuilding and how he began lifting in the gym.

The path to a life of fitness was an easy one for Joseph Baenawho is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, this might not be the initial reason he became interested in the gym. During a recent workout with fitness star Bradley MartynBaena opened up about how he began working out.

Despite lacking the sheer size of his father, Baena maintains an impressive physique with toned arms, and it is only improving. Baena has gone through noticeable transformations as he continues to put on some muscle in the gym. Like his work in the gym, Baena is also following his father’s footsteps on the big screen.

Baena recently released an acting project entitled Lava. He was able to show off an impressive physique on set and also had to maintain size for his role in Call of Duty: The Last Airshow.

Martyn and Baena hit the gym for a workout and had some discussions on bodybuilding as a whole. During the video, Baena opened up about how he was able to find lifting in the first place.

Joseph Baena Admits He Was Not Always Fit

Before hitting their workout, Joseph Baena and Bradley Martyn decided to spark a conversation. This is when Baena admitted that he was not always fit and decided to take the gym a bit more serious once he went to college.

“I was the chubby kid in my crew. It was until I joined swim my sophomore year and I only joined swim because I didn’t make the soccer or basketball team. I got cut because I was too chubby,” Baena said.

Joseph Baena said that he did not begin his love for fitness until he was a junior in college. Naturally, Schwarzenegger gave his son some reading material on the subject.

“I didn’t really start hitting the gym until my junior year of college. I started lifting, and my pops, Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you don’t know, so he gave me the Bodybuilding Encyclopedia, his bodybuilding encyclopedia.

I open up the book, he’s like, ‘look, every question that you have is right in here. So do your research.’ I took that to heart. I really dove in there and nonstop, just only the bodybuilding encyclopedia. Then I got cut again, and that really started my addiction to the gym.”

Joseph Baena and Bradley Martyn then began their workout. This is when Martyn joked about being able to defeat Schwarzenegger if they were both in their primes. This sparked a debate on if any bodybuilders today could take down Schwarzenegger, which has become a hot topic as of late.

“The lines are so different now. The conditioning now is a lot more dry. To me, it doesn’t look like a sculpture anymore, it looks like a bodybuilder. I don’t know,” Baena explained.

Joseph Baena has built an impressive physique in a short amount of time. It is clear that his love and passion for fitness is growing each day. Baena has expressed interest in competing in bodybuilding at some point but there have been no concrete plans revealed just yet.

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