Looking Like a Clone of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph Baena Strikes a Solid Classic Pose!

Arnold’s son definitely takes after his father’s side of the family.

Joseph Baena, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former housekeeper Mildred Baena, shared this photo of his incredible physique on Instagram yesterday:

Though he certainly isn’t ripped like some of the roided out monsters we see grace the Olympia stage, Joseph Baena is coming into his own as a bodybuilder and already boasts an impressive classic physique. He posted the photo after being tagged in the #classicchallenge by friends, a tag which encourages natty builders to share their progress building up a classic physique à la his famous dad. And he does look the spitting image of a young Arnold in those photos, with some outlets going so far as to label him “Arnold 2.0”

Baena recently shared with Yahoo! News that his father is “a huge inspiration to [him]” and a big source of his motivation to build up his physique like a pro. He and his father have bonded over their mutual love of fitness and were even seen hitting the gym together to celebrate Arnold’s 72nd birthday.

A recent Pepperdine graduate, it’s clear Joseph has the whole world ahead of him. While he could easily pursue a career in bodybuilding and go pro, he hasn’t yet made any official announcements that he intends to try for an IFBB pro card. If he did, though, he would certainly have genetics on his side. Going up against Arnold’s son in a competitive show sounds like an intimidating situation for even the most experienced aspiring bodybuilders.