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The real life of a new pro bodybuilder.

The road from average Joe to bodybuilder is filled with a number of unique questions. What do I want to look like? Why do I feel the need to make a change? Am I willing to suffer to get what I want? When one makes the choice to begin bodybuilding they have to understand why they wish to go on this journey and wonder what they’ll get out of the whole experience in the first place. The struggle for self improvement is far from easy and you’ll have to undergo a fair share of suffering before you receive the results you want. But if you’re passionate about it then the end result will all be worth it.

Just like turning from average Joe to bodybuilder, the road to becoming a professional in the sport is filled with it’s own challenges. Again you ask yourself the question of why you want to go on this journey and if bodybuilding will be more than just a lifestyle but a lucrative endeavor? Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Can you leave ego at the door to allow yourself to improve on your weak points? No one said bodybuilding was easy and that’s the whole point. It takes a special kind of person to make the decision to pursue this endeavor professionally.


Enter Nick Trigili, the 2014 NPC Mr. USA. Just like many other bodybuilders before him, Trigili was likely faced with the same tough questions every amateur asks themselves when they’re gunning to be a pro. Nick’s an average guy, with an above average talent and desire. The road to winning Mr. USA was one paved with sacrifice, hard work, and the kind of honesty that makes an amateur bodybuilder into a standout. But like we said, Nick is a normal guy who lives a lifestyle much like anyone else. He has a loyal crew of friends, struggles he had to overcome, and an all around down to earth attitude that anyone could admire.

The “3D” Life of Nick Trigili highlights the bodybuilder’s attributes while covering the issues that turned him from an average guy to bodybuilding professional. Much in the same way Generation Iron gave you a behind the scenes look at the life of an established pro, The “3D” Life gives you an open window into what a newly crowned professional goes through in their daily lives. Even if you look beyond the show’s high quality presentation and challenging workouts – what is truly exciting is how the show focuses on the circle of men and women that helped build Nick into a pro bodybuilder that could make some waves in the sport. We could talk about the show all day, but why not take a glimpse for yourself and enter The “3D” Life.

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