Generation Iron Juan Morel DMX

One of Juan Morel’s go to songs.

It’s the start of a new week and we’ve got a new pumped up track for you to listen to in the gym. This time brought to you by the great Juan Morel. A talented and dedicated bodybuilder on the rise – at this years Olympia he took 10th place and hopes to make a big push for next years competition. When he’s pumping iron in the gym one of Juan’s favorite songs is a throw back tune from rap artist DMX.

Released in May 1998, the Ruff Ryders Anthem was the song that put DMX on the map and a great song to psyche yourself up when you’re on the bench pressing. And then there’s the music video – between the badass shots of motorcycle tricks and prisoners pumping iron, there’s no way this won’t bring your workout to the max. Take a listen and stay tuned for next week’s favorite adrenaline fueled song from another bodybuilding pro.

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Cover photo courtesy of Ambal.ru & Ruff Ryders Blogspot.

Jonathan Salmon
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