INTERVIEW: Will Jujimufu Continue Competitive Bodybuilding?

Jujimufu talks about his competitive bodybuilding journey and if it will become his focus moving forward.

Jujimufu is known for his incredible stunts and acrobatics alongside an impressive muscular physique. He had dedicated his life to gymnastics and acrobatics – but has slowly built a bodybuilding fanbase because of his physique and personality on display in viral videos. This past year he decided to make a change and seriously focus on bodybuilding competitively. His first show was at this past week’s Olympia Amateur show. In our GI Exclusive interview, we talked to Jujimufu about his competitive bodybuilding prep and what he expects to do moving forward.

This past week, Jujimufu competed in the Olympia Amateur 2021 competition. He ultimately placed fifth in the super heavyweight division. We had a chance to connect via video call just before his competition to talk about his contest prep, why he decided to start competing, and what his future holds. Jujimufu is dedicated to his passion for stunts and acrobatics – but that might need to be sidelined somewhat if he maintains a competitive Men’s Open bodybuilding physique. Is it the kind of sacrifice he’s willing to make in the long term?

Jujimufu is unsure. He knows he will always allow himself to do some form of acrobatics. He mentions that his flips and splits can be done no matter how large he becomes. Though he also admits that other more complicated maneuvers might not be doable as his legs grow in size specifically. That being said – he also understands that his prime gymnastic years are behind him. Whereas bodybuilding and strength building blooms in later years through into a person’s 40s.

So will he continue to compete in bodybuilding? Will he go pro and stand amongst the greats on major stages such as the Olympia? Jujimufu states that it all comes down to his experience at the Olympia Amateur. His placing won’t determine his future – but rather his experience. If it was an enjoyable experience that promises realistic success and growth down the line – he’s 100% open to focusing on bodybuilding. He’s excited by the possibility of just starting his growth in this arena – whereas his acrobatic life is in the early stages of being past his prime.

That’s just a simple fact about gymnastics – it’s a young man’s game. Bodybuilding favors time, experience and muscle maturity. He’s excited by that notion and if he feels empowered by his Olympia Amateur show – he’ll continue.

We’d imagine Jujimufu’s fifth place finish was ultimately promising – he was up against dozens of competitors all hungry for a pro card. Jujimufu also comments about how lucky he feels to have so much attention put on his physique only being in an amateur show. He feels like he was able to skip the line in terms of attention. He’s simply grateful to have that kind of attention and opportunity.

You can watch Jujimufu talk about his competitive bodybuilding prep and his thoughts of going long term in the sport by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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