Ms. Physique champion on her journey from Figure into Physique.

Over the 2014 Olympia weekend, Juliana Malacarne took the top spot for Women’s Physique. We had a chance to sit down with her just minutes after grabbing the gold to get her thoughts on becoming the 2014 Ms. Physique champ. Straight from The Vault.

Juliana Malacarne opens up about her journey from her young years in Brazil, where she never imagined she would be in the US competing in the Olympia; to her transformation into a Physique champion. More importantly, she touches upon how she can now gain recognition for years of hard work through the media and the ever growing popularity of the sport of bodybuilding. With the 2014 Olympia weekend being the largest attended in history – it’s great to see the athletes finally rise up into the limelight.

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